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Beaver Fever Friday Finale at Gio’s

Our final Beaver Fever Friday of the year was yesterday. What a show. It’s always nice to get to know these seniors over their careers. Here are the interviews if you missed them:

Christa Benson – Track Christa Benson – Track

Cody Cook – MGolf Cody Cook – MGolf

Emily Bergland – WHockey Emily Bergland – WHockey

Emma Rappe – WBasketball Emma Rappe – WBasketball

Isaac Aanerud – Football Isaac Aanerud – Football

Jess Reega – Vooleyball Jess Reega – Volleyball

Justin Baudry – MHockey Justin Baudry – MHockey

Lauren Stockmoe – WGolf Lauren Stockmoe – WGolf

Logan Bader – MBasketball Logan Bader – MBasketball

Makala Pagel – Softball Makala Pagel – Softball

Rachel Norton – Soccer – MGolf Rachel Norton – Soccer

Tommy Geisenhof – Baseball Tommy Geisenhof – Baseball

Zoe Lindgren – Tennis Zoe Lindgren – Tennis