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Beaver Football Gameday – Game 2 – September 13, 2014 – vs Sioux Falls

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Bemidji State Coach Jeff Tesch Pregame Jeff Tesch Pregame

Player Profile – Evan Olson Player Profile

Sioux Falls Coach Jed Stugart Opponent Coach Pregame

First Quarter
Highlight 10:07 Nephi Garcia 3 yard TD run (Bradley Hatfield extra point) 11 plays, 62 yards, 3:16
Highlight 03:18 Nephi Garcia 64 yard TD run (Bradley Hatfield extra point) 1 plays, 64 yards, 0:14

Second Quarter
Highlight 12:36 Bradley Hatfield 20 yard field goal 14 plays, 66 yards, 3:52
Highlight 05:17 David Clark 40 yard interception return for TD (Bradley Hatfield, B. extra point)

Third Quarter
Highlight 09:33 Juwaan Richard 52 yard TD pass from Ryan Shields (Kyle Fodness extra point) 2 plays, 69 yards, 0:21
Highlight 07:28 Blake Holder 81 yard TD pass from Ryan Shields (Kyle Fodness missed kick) 1 plays, 81 yards, 0:10
Highlight 04:10 Jonathan Albercrombie 4 yard TD run (Ryan Shields 2-point conversion pass failed) 8 plays, 41 yards, 1:59

Fourth Quarter
Highlight 11:34 Nephi Garcia 10 yard TD run (Bradley Hatfield extra point) 10 plays, 72 yards, 3:16
Highlight 09:16 Cameron Ostrom 88 yard interception return for TD (Josh Angulo 2-point conversion pass)
Highlight 06:25 Josh Angulo 31 yard TD pass from Luke Papilion (Bradley Hatfield extra point) 5 plays, 75 yards, 2:23
Highlight 06:19 Devin Flesher 0 yard fumble return for TD (Bradley Hatfield missed kick)

Highlight Blake Holder Postgame Player Interview

Highlight Jeff Tesch Postgame Interview

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