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Saturday Night Bracketology

Jason Moy at USCHO is MUCH smarter about this stuff than anyone else…PERIOD! Here’s what he says going into the night games on Saturday (link)

The third place games are over with and it has resulted in this:

The elimination of both St. Lawrence and Minnesota from NCAA contention.

Princeton clinched its spot in the big dance with the tie this afternoon and now there is only one spot left.

That one spot will go to either Mass.-Lowell or Ohio State.

If Mass.-Lowell wins, it gets the spot, if it loses, Ohio State gets the spot.

It’s that simple right now heading into the evening games.

What does this mean for BSU? Not sure yet, but Boston University has pretty much wrapped up the #1 overall seed. Notre Dame will be the #2 seed. Would the NCAA send BSU to Minneapolis with Notre Dame? I doubt they would send Notre Dame to Grand Rapids (along with Michigan)…meaning they will either be out east (in the regional that DOES NOT include BU)…or they will be in Minneapolis. Notre Dame and Denver both have to fly…so it doesn’t matter where they go. BSU can go to Minneapolis, and bus.

“Bracket integrity” says BSU to play BU out east…common sense says BSU to Minneapolis to play Notre Dame.

We’ll see which happens tomorrow morning.

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