Sports In The Round Tonight

There will be a big bash on “Sports in the Round” tonight. We will go from 5p-8p instead of the ussual 6p-8p.

Tom Serratore will join us, as will several former National Champions for the Beavers:

Neil Holmstrom – 79, Bryan Grand – 68,69,70, Eric Monsrud – 94,95 will join us, as will Bob Fitzgerald, who was an player on the undefeated team of 1983-1984.

There will also be several former players form the D-1 era;

Brendan Cook from Nottingham, England
Luke Erickson from the Alaska Aces
Jean Guy Gervais from the Winnepeg Police Department
and Andrew Murray from the Columbus Blue Jackets

They will all be on the 7pm central hour…the former National Champions and Tom Serratore will be on in the 6pm central hour.

If you’re in Bemidji tonight, stop by the Ground Round for FREE appetizers (while they last) and 2-for-1 aps after that. Bucky the Beaver mascot will also be there for the kids…and I’ve heard that the BSU Dance Team may also be there tonight.

If you’re from out of town, you can listen online by clicking “LISTEN NOW” at the top of the screen.

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