We’re in Grand Rapids

Why is it that the most comfortable flight all year only lasts an hour? The NCAA has a set of criteria that they use on how to transport NCAA tournament participants. One good thing about living in Bemidji, is that unless the games are in Grand Forks or Minneapolis, a charter flight is used. The NCAA pays for 37 people in the “official traveling party”.

The flight was on a 737, which usually seats about 130 people. This flight (all first class sized seats with first class leg room) had 56 seats!

Again, why is it that the flight is only an hour!

The arena in Grand Rapids (Van Andel Arena) seats about 11,000. The arena was built for concerts and such, but it looks like a nice sheet of ice. The corners are egg shaped, so watch out for how the puck moves behind the goal. At the Glas, the goal line hits with boards at the START of the corner. Here, the goal line hits the middle of the corner.

Practice is at 2pm today…followed by a press conference. I’ll try to get the audio up on the site tonight.