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Win or lose, I don’t think too many Beaver faithful would have been too upset Thursday. There were the Beavers playing in the Frozen Four. Still hard to even type!

Credit Miami for doing something that nobody else had done in quite a while…stop the Scofield-Read-Francis line. With no room to skate, that line couldn’t generate the offense that they had the last two months of the season.

In summary of the trip:

Kelly and I flew separate from the team, landing in DC about 3pm. Rachel Becker picked us up from the airport. Rachel is a BSU alum, who now works for the Washington Capitals. Rachel then gave us the “Rachel” tour. She drove Kelly and I around for a few hours as we took in the sites. We didn’t stop anywhere, but got a good idea of how far away the sites were from our hotel.

Once the team landed, and stowed their gear at the Verizon Center, a group of about 15 of us went out to eat (the team ate as a team). We ate at a place called the Capital City Brewery. A former Beaver, Jeff Baumgartner, was there and picked up the tab for the whole group. Jeff, very unnecessary, but very appreciated!

Wednesday was a work day. I was at the rink by 9am to get all the equipment set up. I also had to solder a bunch of audio wires together. The Verizon Center provided us with a feed of the ice microphones that ESPN used, as well as a feed of the PA system and also to the press conference room. Biss said he had never soldered a wire before…so that left it all to me!

After leaving the rink, I went right to the ESPN Zone for Sports in the Round. To everyone who came for the show…THANK YOU! What a night! The guy that Rachel Becker was working with to host the show there said that whenever ESPN Radio brings a show to the ESPN Zone, NOBODY comes out to watch it. BSU brought about 200 people to the bar on Wednesday!

BSU ran into a team on the wrong day. Nothing to hang their head about!

Friday and Saturday
The team flew back Friday morning to a group of about 200 at the airport! Kelly and I stayed in DC for a few extra days. She and I went sight-seeing in DC and to Arlington. I haven’t bee to DC since I was four. Kelly had never been there. I forgot how much walking is done while sight-seeing in DC!

Like I said, I don’t think too many BSU fans can be upset with the trip to the Frozen Four. Yes, we all wanted the team to win, but what a run this team gave us!

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