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Still nothing “official” from the Bruins on the signing of Dalton. Like I said, we may not hear anything from them until after the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Dalton had two years of eligibility left, but only had one year of classes left to graduate. I’ve heard that Dalton will stay in Bemidji this summer to train, and will report to camp in the fall (most likely with the Providence Bruins of the AHL).

I haven’t heard anything of the sort, but one has to wonder what is happening in Matt Read’s world right now. Matt went to the Bruins camp a year ago, and impressed the staff there. With Scofield and Francis graduating, and with Matt Dalton signing with Boston, one has to wonder if Matt Read is the next to leave.

Beaver fans hope that Read sticks around, but it’s a good “problem” to have. If you are bringing in the caliber of players that are leaving school early to play professionally, that means the BSU team is pretty good.

It was brought up in the past post (in the comments) that Dalton signing early reminded some of Joey Moggach. Joey gave school a try…and never really liked the academic side of “student athlete”. That is NOT the case with Dalton. In fact, he was on track to finish school early (as did Matt Climie).

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