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Happy Thanksgiving from the road…

Today on Thanksgiving Day, a reflection of what I am thankful for today…

1. I have the greatest job in the universe! I broadcast Bemidji State University women’s hockey games on the radio & internet.
2. My amazing husband who supports my endeavors and loves me unconditionally.
3. A loving family and a great circle of friends.
4. A roof over my head and food on the table (even if sometimes we eat mac ‘n cheese)
5. My dog “Bucky” who always greets me when I come home from a long road trip.

As my Thanksgiving Day began, I knew it was going to be a long adventure but I was plenty ready. I awoke at 5:45am to two alarm clocks and started up the teapot for my French press of Caribou coffee. I did the usual stuff to get ready for a road trip with the Beavers. At about 6:20am I knew I needed to push the button on my remote car starter because we had gotten snow in Bemidji the previous night. I made my coffee and packed up the car. Kissed my husband and patted Bucky on the head before I left for the BREC. I have found out over the years that when our hockey itinerary says to be somewhere by 7am, it really means 6:45am.

We all got on the bus from Bemidji and traveled east to Duluth. There we picked up a flight to Minneapolis. We ended up on the smallest plane that Delta flies, a little 34 seat prop number. I personally don’t like to fly, so I was a bit freaked out sitting right behind the cockpit and saw the propeller out the window to my right. Before we even left, we found out that because we were on this small plane that our team either had to leave without some of our baggage or one of our staff members. Fortunately we didn’t have to leave anyone behind. That was the good news. The other good thing was that we had a very courteous flight attendant, Susanne. Since I had been fighting a sinus infection for the past week, I knew it was bound to happen that I would have a coughing attack. She rescued me from my coughing fit with a glass of water. Many thanks to her for her thoughtfulness! The flight was a little bumpy, especially the landing.

Once we got to Minneapolis, we were able to go grab lunch at the airport. The ladies from our staff (Heather, Andrea, Kassie, Casie) & I went to TGI Fridays down by Gate C. That was our Thanksgiving dinner. The food was great, the company was entertaining, and we got to watch part of the NFL game between the Lions and the Patriots (Coach Farrell’s favorite team). Not bad for a holiday on the road. At least I was with my other “family”…my BSU Hockey Family!

As we were getting ready to head out of Minneapolis to Columbus, we were told that Delta was going to send our extra bags that didn’t make our original flight on another flight to our destination. Sad to say, but that never happened.

After a smoother flight than the first one, we arrived in Columbus around 6:30pm Ohio time. We waited for our luggage, but our staff’s clothing bags never arrived. Oh, well, I could think of worse things than that happening. Luckily the team got their clothes, skates, gear, sticks, and jerseys and I carried on my broadcast equipment. So if nothing else, the Beavers will play the Buckeyes and I will broadcast their games. And luckily no one will see I am wearing the same clothes two days in a row during tomorrow’s radio broadcast.

As I sit here in the St. John’s Arena in Columbus, Ohio and watch the BSU women’s hockey team practice, I am reminded of one more thing I am thankful for…

Safe travels. Amen!

From everyone here at the Beaver Radio Network, we hope you had a blessed and safe Thanksgiving Day!

Go Beavers!!