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And That’s A Wrap!

Today was the unofficial end of the Beaver Radio Network sports season. We held our final Beaver Fever Friday at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bemidji this afternoon. It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this show for seven years!

Each Friday throughout the season, we interview an athlete for each team currently in season. At the end of each season, we bring a senior from each team in for a final time to discuss their career, their time at BSU, and what Bemidji will mean to them going forward.

This year…as we’ve noticed in the previous six years, was another year of us interviewing great PEOPLE…not to mention great athletes.

Please listen to what these great young men and women had to say about Bemidji and why they will always think fondly about Bemidji as a whole!

Mason Bellew – Baseball Mason Bellew – Baseball

Damon Benham – Football Damon Benham – Football

Ben Best – Baseball Ben Best – Mens Basketball

Aaron Leintz – Baseball Aaron Leintz – Mens Golf

Nate Arentz – Mens Hockey Nate Arentz – Mens Hockey

Christine Szurek – Soccer Christine Szurek – Soccer

Jess Yost – Softball Jess Yost – Softball

Morgan Opp – Tennis Morgan Opp – Tennis

Rae Lopez – Track Rae Lopez – Track

Amanda Tronick – Volleyball Amanda Tronick – Volleyball

Aimee Pelzer – Womens Basketball Aimee Pelzer – Womens Basketball

Katy Woelfel – Womens Golf Katy Woelfel – Womens Golf

Brian and Kelly Schultz recap the year Brian and Kelly Schultz Recap the Year

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