Final Beaver Fever Friday

Today marked a bitter-sweet day for the Beaver Radio Network. We had to say goodbye to 11 seniors that we’ve come to know and enjoy interviewing over the years.

We held our Beaver Fever Friday finale at Giovanni’s Pizza in Bemidji. Thanks for your support Gio’s!

Here are the interviews from today…our last with a very special group of seniors!

Cat Arneson – Soccer Kat Arneson – Soccer

Sierra Senske – W Basketball Sierra Senske – W Basketball

Scott Litchy – Baseball Scott Litchy – Baseball

Hope Johnson – Tennis Hope Johnson – Tennis

Katy Woelfel – W Golf Katy Woelfel – W Golf

Reilly Fawcett – W Hockey Reilly Fawcett – W Hockey

Sami Leach – Volleyball Sami Leach – Volleyball

Jake Krause – Football Jake Krause – Football

Sam Otto – M Golf Sam Otto – M Golf

Michael Bitzer and Gerry Fitzgerald – M Hockey Michael Bitzer and Gerry Fitzgerald – M Hockey

Lexi Ripka – Softball Lexi Ripka – Softball

Sharif Black – M Basketball Sharif Black – M Basketball