More Than Two Months Delayed, The 2020 Season To Begin In A Week

After a lengthy delay, the 2020-2021 Beaver Radio Network broadcast schedule will begin in just over a week. Both the men’s and women’s hockey seasons will start next week. The men will play four non-conference series against WCHA schools before the new year. The women will play two series each with Minnesota State and St Cloud State before Christmas.

Once WCHA play begins for the men (after January 1), the Beavers will play each team for one series. The women have not yet released their second half schedule.

Our plans for the season aren’t changing much from years past. We still plan to cover every game just as we have for the last two decades. How we broadcast the games, though, will change. We will not have access to the players or the coaches throughout the season, except for virtual interviews. We will not be able to travel with the teams either. Over the years, we’ve had some great stories from the road thanks to traveling with the teams.

No matter the challenges that the season will bring us, we feel fortunate that we can be at the games to bring the action to you. We just wish that you could be at the home games to see them with us!

Nine days and counting to the drop of the puck!