CCHA Tie-Breakers

College hockey tiebreakers are hard to figure out. Sometimes…dare I say a LOT of times…several teams are tied after the regular season. With one weekend left, and six points on the line, here’s what we know:

If BSU gets four points at St. Thomas, they get home ice (and the the #4 seed).

If Bemidji State, Northern Michigan, AND Ferris State finished tied in points, Northern will get the highest seed, then BSU, then Ferris. This tie-breaker is the most regulation wins vs the pod. Northern would have 5, BSU would have 3, Ferris State would have 2.

If Northern and BSU finished tied, the tiebreaker goes to the team with the most regulation wins. Same with BSU and Ferris being tied.

We won’t know that number until after Saturday’s games. Currently, Northern has nine regulation wins…BSU and Ferris State have 8. If two teams are tied at this tie-breaker, winning percentage if the next tiebreaker.

We won’t know this number until after Saturday’s games.

So, what do you say for the Beavers just winning twice…and finishing with home ice? I choose this option!