We’re Back…

Sorry we’ve been absent from posting news on the Beaver Radio Network website this summer, but we were awaiting the signing of the broadcast rights contract. This year a “request for proposal” was required by the state of Minnesota and MNSCU. This meant that any radio group could submit an RFP in order to secure the rights to broadcast Beaver sports. RP Broadcasting has been the “Voice of the Beavers” for ten years. We had exhausted all extensions of the original contract according to state law. Earlier this week we found out our proposal was selected.

In the initial contract, only football and men’s hockey were required to be broadcast. Two years ago we added women’s hockey and broadcast a total of 85 games. Last year the Beaver Radio Network added men’s and women’s basketball for a total of 100 games broadcast. This year, BRN adds baseball to the sports covered along with football, men’s and women’s hockey, and men’s and women’s basketball for a total of 120 games to be broadcast throughout the 2011-12 season.

All of us at the Beaver Radio Network, RP Broadcasting and Paskvan Media are very excited to continue the tradition of being the “Voice of the Beavers” on the radio and online.

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