RMU game 1

Well, BSU let one slip away tonight as they lost 3-0 to Robert Morris. Huntsville beat Niagara tonight 3-1, so BSU COULD have put themselves in the proverbial drivers seat with a win tonight, but I guess that’s why they play the game.

BSU went 0-5 on the PP tonight, snapping a streak of games where they scored on the PP.

RMU’s goaltending was good tonight. Two weeks ago, BSU would have won by 2 or 3…tonight (with good goaltending) RMU wins by 3. That’s the way the game goes sometimes.

Game 2 of the series is at 4:05pm Central Time on Sunday….


*Lewis Longpre Margott
Kobialko Kushneriuk Towsley
Cramer Burton Blandina
Chiavetta Lachapelle South

*Meadows Obermeyer
Urban Jones
Lyle Cowan


*Scofield Read Francis
McQueen Winter Lehrke
Kinne Walters Cramer
Marino McKelvie Lowe

*Bostock Hunt
Peluso Adams
Hardwick Jundt


Jundt in for McManamin, only change for BSU

1-0 RMU end of one Margott from Longpre and Urban at 12:26 on the PP.

Shots in the 1st
1-0 RMU end of two About 30 seconds of PP carries over for BSU

Shots in the 2nd
RMU-6 (20)
BSU-12 (18)

PP RMU 1-3, BSU 0-5
3-0 RMU FINAL…Towsely and Ron Cramer for RMU in the third…Cramer was ENG.

Final shots…