“Official” CHA First and Second Teams

So, I was a little off in my picks. First off, I had Scofield instead of Read. Both players are deserving of it, as Read had one more point than Scofield…but Scofield had eight more goals. Overall, I can understand either one of them.

The second difference was I had Bostock at ‘D’ and Denny Urban got it. Urban had 26 points, Bostock had 16. I said at the beginning of the week that I thought Bostock was a bit better in the “D” zone. I’ll stick with that assessment.

The third change was in goal. Dalton had better numbers in every category except saves percentage (.926 to .924) in CHA games only. In ALL games, Pags was better by a margin of .923 to .915. Dalton was better in every other category, though.

I’ve heard the comment that Pags is a senior while Dalton is a sophomore…but Scofield is a senior and Read is a sophomore. Bostock is also a senior, while Urban is a sophomore. So if you go by that logic, Bostock and Scofield should have been first team’ers too…and I would have only been off on one pick.

I’m biased because it’s me…but I like my ballot better than the “official” one!

2009 All-CHA First Team

F Nathan Longpre*    RMU   So    Peterborough, ON
F Chris Margott*#    RMU   Sr    Thousand Oaks, CA
F Matt Read*         BSU   So    Ilderton, ON
D Brad Hunt          BSU   Fr    Ridge Meadows, BC
D Denny Urban        RMU   So    Pittsburgh, PA
G Juliano Pagliero*! NU    Sr    Dalroy, AB

2009 All-CHA Second Team
F Egor Mironov       NU    Jr    Toronto, ON
F Vince Rocco!       NU    Sr    Woodbridge, ON
F Tyler Scofield     BSU   Sr    Prince George, BC
D Cody Bostock!      BSU   Sr    Salmon Arm, BC
D Tyler Gotto#       NU    Jr    Calgary, AB
G Matt Dalton        BSU   So    Clinton, ON

*indicates unanimous selection
! indicates 2008 All-CHA First Team selection
# indicates 2008 All-CHA Second Team Selection