Penn State To Add Hockey

Several sources are confirming that Penn State will announce that they are building an on-campus rink, and will field a varsity D-1 hockey team…possibly as early as 2011-2012.

I HIGHLY doubt that this development will lead to the dreaded Big Ten Hockey Conference talk becoming a reality…at least not short term.

I don’t feel that the other teams in the CCHA and WCHA want anything to do with playing WITHOUT Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc.

Can you imagine a scenario where North Dakota wants to play in a league WITHOUT Minnesota? Not to mention, can you imagine coaching in the BTHC? Coaching in the WCHA is bad enough…try playing those other five schools EVERY WEEKEND! Plus, what led to the demise of the CHA (playing the same schools week in and week out) would haunt the BTHC as well.

The Big Ten has won seven of the last 20 NCAA Championships. Do you think they want to make it HARDER to win the next one?

Now, I also don’t think that the Big Ten teams want to hurt D-1 hockey as a whole. There are only six of “them”…while there are 54 of “us”. That’s why I say that I don’t see this happening any time soon.