CCHA says NO to Huntsville

While I don’t know any “behind the scenes” info, I’m guessing this is the rationale:

Bowling Green…The CCHA said no to Huntsville today because they aren’t sure that BGSU will be around in a year when Omaha moves to the WCHA…thus keeping the CCHA at an even number of teams.

What does this mean for college hockey? A lot of internet rumblings in the past year or so have said that the NCAA would “threaten” to move the National Tournament to a 12 team tournament again. For the last time…THE NCAA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CONFERENCE AFFILIATION…they wouldn’t care if all 58 teams played an independent schedule. The National Tournament makes $$ for the NCAA…they won’t alter the field because one more team drops hockey.

Now, I’m not saying that I think that UAH will drop hockey. There’s nothing to say that the CCHA won’t take up the issue of UAH again next summer (or earlier…if they get some positive news about BGSU).

Huntsville fans, hang tight…this isn’t over yet!