Week 10 Recap – at Western Michigan

While I really do hate the state of Michigan, this was a fun trip. I’m not a fan of long bus rides…and this was a LONG bus ride.

Everyone on the trip came back refreshed from a few weeks away from the rink. While Western Michigan wasn’t a dominant force in the CCHA this year, their D-core was really good…and big!

Game one saw something I’ve never seen before…a scoreless draw. It’s a cliche to say “both teams had their chances”…but they really did.

The most memorable thing from this trip was on the way home. It was 30 below in Bemidji when we got home. The heater on the bus couldn’t keep up with that kind of cold (I’m not sure what would keep up with that kind of cold!)…so it was REALLY cold in the bus for the last hour or so.

Ryan Marvin (grad assistant coach) had flown home to California for Christmas. He met us in Kalamazoo. Needless to say, he wasn’t dressed for the cold ride home!