No go to Omaha for me

It is with extreme disappointment that I must miss this weekend’s hockey playoff series in Omaha.  My lower back went out on me last Friday and Sunday I started experiencing constant pain in my neck/shoulder whenever I was sitting or standing.  From what I understand it could be a hernaited disc or pinched nerve.  Whatever the case, I can barely sit/stand for 5 minutes without pain so the 9 hour trip to Omaha tomorrow is out of the question.  Officially I can be ruled out with an upper body injury I guess.

The situation leaves me very frustrated, I’ve been out of work all week.  I hate to leave Brian alone on the broadcast for the series and we will have a large listening audience since the games won’t be televised.  Now I will join all of Beaver nation who can’t make the trip and have to listen in to the games.  It will be hard for me to do, since I should be there and a part of the broadcast.

I was impressed by the way BSU played in both games last weekend against the Gophers.  They were great in the offensive zone, the defenseman played a big role in that, and I particularily liked the physical play the Beavers showed.  This weekend should be a great series and great hockey.  I think it’s only fitting that the two newcomers to the WCHA meet so there will be one of us in the Final Five next week.  I just hope it’s the Beavers.  They would keep their season alive and give me a chance to get back in the broadcast booth this season.