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Day #6 To Colorado Springs and Bowling Green

Our trip to the Mountains is done. Our trip to get six points begins! The trip to Colorado Springs was nice. The mountains are something you never get sick of seeing. Bowling Green is where this trip starts to matter.

The team had a 9:30am wake up call, with breakfast at the hotel. Then, we boarded a bus back to the AFA for practice. Air Force left at 10am for a tournament in Las Vegas. While the team practiced, I recorded a couple Three Things videos which will post later in the week.

After practice, we made our way to lunch, and then to the Denver Airport. While in line at group check in, the Colorado Buffalo mens basketball team was waiting in line after us. They were headed to Arizona. Last week they were in Hawaii. I’ve known their radio announcer since I worked in Grand Forks in 1994. He’s been out here for 15 years. I’ve been in Bemidji for 15 years. We both got talking that when you find someplace that feels like home, you just want to stay.

Anyway, being New Years Day, finding a restaurant open in Detroit when we land at 10pm has been tough. Video Coach Cole Workman’s brother lives in Detroit. He’s going to end up picking up our order, and dropping it off at the airport. Pays to know people!

After we land later tonight, we will bus to Bowling Green. We should get the gear dropped off at the rink and get checked into the hotel by 1am (I hope!).

Practice tomorrow…the the important games of the trip start on Thursday!