My Picks For End of Year Awards

The “official” end of the season awards will be handed out on Thursday night…but here are my picks:

Player of the Year – Chris Margott (RMU)
Rookie of the Year – Brad Hunt (BSU)
Coach of the Year – Tom Serratore (BSU)

First Team All-CHA
F-Tyler Scofield (BSU)
F-Chris Margott (RMU)
F-Nate Longpre (RMU)
D-Brad Hunt (BSU)
D-Cody Bostock (BSU)
G-Matt Dalton (BSU)

I know that I have four BSU player selected (I think Scofield, and Hunt are “locks”, and that Dalton “should” win…and Bostock “might” win (Denny Urban (RMU) had slightly better numbers, but Bostock is better in the D-zone, in my opinion)…but when you clinch the regular season with two games to play, you had a pretty good team…with pretty good players.

I’m not sure if a team has had four players on the first team before…I’ll have to do some checking on that.